MAY 30th Webinar


MAY 30, 2018


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This presentation will provide an overview of mental health in non-metropolitan areas of the United States, looking at the critical issues facing rural residents and their systems of care. There is not “one rural America,” and the session will provide examples of unique responses to the challenges of serving rural communities.


Headshot of Dr. Robert A. Delgado

Roberto A. Delgado Jr., Ph.D.
Program Chief, Rural Mental Health Research
Office for Research on Disparities and Global Mental Health, NIMH
Office of Rural Mental Health

Dr. Delgado is Program Chief for Rural Mental Health Research in the Office for Research on Disparities and Global Mental Health (ORDGMH), and the Office of Rural Mental Health Research (ORMHR) of the NIMH. He was the coordinator for RISING SUN (Reducing the Incidence of Suicide in Indigenous Groups – Strengths United through Networks), a mental wellness initiative under the 2015-2017 United States Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. He is a program official in the Global Mental Research Program overseeing Research Partnerships for Scaling Up Mental Health Interventions in Low and Middle-Income Countries. Additionally, Dr. Delgado serves as a Project Scientist in the Minority Health and Mental Health Disparities program on Collaborative Research Hubs to Reduce the Burden of Suicide among American Indian and Alaska Native Youth. And he also represents NIMH on the NIH Tribal Health Research Coordinating Committee.

Before NIMH, Dr. Delgado was an AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the Division of Polar Programs, where he engaged in program management, helped develop NSF-wide funding opportunities for research and training, and led science and policy activities across federal interagency committees and international working groups related to human health, indigenous communities, and sustainable development in the Arctic. Prior to NSF, Dr. Delgado was a research faculty member at the University of Southern California (USC) with joint appointments in the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Biological Sciences, as well as a graduate advisor for Human and Evolutionary Biology. Dr. Delgado received his Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology & Anatomy from Duke University, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences, with a dual minor in Neurosciences and Psychology, from USC.


Headshot of Dennis Mohatt

Dennis Mohatt, M.A.
Vice President Behavioral Health, Mental Health Program
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Mr. Dennis Mohatt has over three decades of experience in mental health services, policy analysis, and research. Currently, he directs the WICHE Mental Health Program – a collaborative venture comprised of 15 western states and the Pacific territories and freely associated states. The program’s mission is twofold: 1) to assist the states in the improvement of systems of care for persons with mental illness and their families; and 2) to advance the preparation of a qualified mental health workforce in the West. Mr. Mohatt’s previous experience includes serving as a consultant to the Rural Issues Subcommittee of the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health and assisting the committee in preparing its report to the President. He also served on the National Rural Health Advisory Committee to the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services. Mr. Mohatt was the Deputy Director for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services from 1996 to 1999. In that position, he was designated as the state’s Commissioner of Mental Health and provided leadership in the areas of public assistance, rural health, primary care, disabilities, and child welfare. He was also responsible for the administration of Nebraska’s public managed care initiatives in Medicaid for both physical and behavioral health.